Academic Expertise in Marine Energy

Academic Expertise

Academic Expertise

Research and Development is supported through both industry and academia, with Wales-based researchers leading the way.

Wales has rich resources for academic collaboration. Many companies are already involved in research and technology transfer projects with academic institutions.

The Welsh European Funding Office has recently extended funding for several key research projects, including SEACAMS 2, a £17 million, three year project at Bangor and Swansea universities. Through SEACAMS, companies wanting to harness the sea’s power and create a sustainable marine energy industry in Wales will be able to access vital research support they need if they are to be able to progress with their multi-million pound developments.

SEACAMS 2 is set to develop a network of coastal observatories to collect high-quality data and ensure its availability to potential developers.

"SEACAMS 2 will continue and expand Swansea University's commitment to supporting the growth of marine and coastal businesses, especially in the marine renewable energy and affiliated sectors, in the convergence area via state-of-the-art collaborative R&D activities with the industry." Kam Tang, Professor of Marine Biology

Cardiff University is leading a £24 million project aimed at developing more intelligent ways of managing future energy systems alongside Swansea University and the University of South Wales. FLEXIS aims to meet the diverse, complex and inter-dependent challenges that arise when new sources of energy are integrated into the grid by suppliers.

The challenges are varied and include: accommodating power supply from multiple, somewhat random places; storing energy when it is not needed; coping with extreme flows of energy into the system; accommodating an ailing infrastructure; and making sure all challenges are met in a socially acceptable, affordable way.

"Seventy per cent of our globe is covered with oceans, so obviously if we can utilise all the moving currents around the world, that’s going to make a big change. Our collaborations have expanded into working with Swansea University on mammal investigations and things like that. Those type of collaborations are going to be really important for Minesto and other investors coming here. They’re quite unique in the way that they can actually support businesses in what we really want and need. It’s a big difference compared to, for example, Swedish universities. It’s very high quality but also very supportive to developing businessesDr Martin Edlund, Co-founder and CEO, Minesto

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