Academic Expertise in Environmental Industries

Academic Expertise

Academic Expertise

Research and Development is supported through both industry and academia, with Wales-based researchers leading the way in environmental technologies.

Wales is a rich resource for academic collaboration. Many companies are already involved in research and technology transfer projects with academic institutions.

Cardiff University is home to the Geo Environmental Research Centre, where research includes land regeneration, nuclear waste disposal and soil behaviour.

Also in Cardiff, the Centre of Research in the Built Environment has over 20 years’ academic research experience within environmental design, urban sustainable development and the energy efficiency of buildings.

The Hydro-environmental Centre undertakes research to develop computational models covering water quality, sediment and contaminant transport procession, coastal waters, estuaries and river basins.

At the University of South Wales, the Faculty of Advanced Technology is undertaking research in built and natural environments, environmental technology and waste minimisation.

The Wastewater Treatment Research Unit focuses on anaerobic digestion to produce methane from organic wastes. The Sustainable Energy Research Centre runs a number of key projects exploring biological toxicology processes to protect water resources and analysing the impact of agrochemicals on the environment.

The Universities of Aberystwyth and Bangor run a joint Bio Centre and Natural Sciences Faculty – researching land use, climate change, biodiversity and bioenergy.

The Centre for Catchment & Coastal Research is a partnership between the Universities of Bangor and Aberystwyth. With four research centres, academics have set out to integrate the study of rivers, estuaries and coastal waters within a single functional framework. The findings will support the longterm management of Wales’s diverse waters.

SPECIFIC at Port Talbot is an academic and industrial consortium led by Swansea University, Tata Steel, NSG Pilkington and BASF. They are developing ground-breaking coatings for building materials that can be manufactured on an industrial scale in the UK.

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